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Dirt Track Racing Services

  • We rebuild and repair AFCO, Pro Shock, Bilstein, Carrera, Genesis, and other race shocks!

    Don't let a bent rod or blown seal slow you down. Have your damaged shock rebuilt fast and professionally with the right tools and parts.

  • Shock Dyno Pricing
    Non-adjustable: $10
    Single Adjustable: $14
    Double Adjustable $18

    Dyno service includes a print-out for each shock.
    Have your shocks dynoed at the MCR trailer at Raceway 7.

    Shock Rebuild Pricing
    Non-adjustable: $25 + parts
    Single Adjustable: $35 + parts
    Double Adjustable $45 + parts
    Gas Shocks

    + $10

  • Use AMSOIL? We can get you what you need quickly. Our online AMSOIL store will be available soon for your convienence. Pick your order up at the track, shop, or have it delivered.

  • Visit the red MCR trailer in the pits at Raceway 7 on Friday nights to see their selection of American Racer tires. If we don't have the tire you're looking for, we can get it for you. Weld racing wheels are also available.
  • Tire Compound Guide:

    SD 23 100-130 Wet, heavy conditions / qualifying and heat races D03 / 1100
    SD 33 110-140 Tacky hooked up conditions with some abrasion D06 / D11 / 1200
    SD 38 120-150 Best when track has abrasion with low tire temp D15 / 1300 / 1200
    SD 44 130-160 Use when track is in transition from tacky to slick D21 / LM20 / 1300 / 1325
    SD 48 140-180 Moderate heat, slick and/or abrasive tracks with a black strek 1400 / 1425 / D35 / 1350
    MD 53 150-190 Hard shiny black/ can take medium heat and abrasion D45 / 1450 / 1500
    MD 56 160-210 Hard shiny black slick / can take heat & abrasion D55 / 1600 / LM40
    MD 50 160-220 Rubbder down / high heat / intended for abrasive race surfaces D28 / 2400
    MD 57 170-250 Similar to MD 50 slightly harder compound D46 / 2500
    HD 70 / D4B 200-260 Day time tire grinder / dull black rubber down D70 / 2700

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    Supported and serviced brands include but are not limited to: Showa, Kayaba (KYB), Fox Racing Shox, Ohlins Advanced Suspension Technology, WP Suspension, Performance Engineered Products (PEP Suspension), Elka Suspension, AFCO Racing (Shocks, Springs, Cooling, and Brakes), Dynatech Competition Exhaust Systems, AMSOIL, Pivot Works bearings and seals, Cylinder Works, Hot Cams, Vertex Pistons, Hot Rods. MCR is located in Girard, PA which is near Raceway 7 in Conneaut, OH, Eriez Speedway in Erie, PA, JB Racing in Springfield, PA. MCR is also a direct contributor to the efforts of MX-7 motocross track.